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Monday, March 11, 2013

Why DIY? feat. (A) ring(s)

Well, isn't that a strange title?

The last time I posted was ages ago. I remember my first post (this is my third post and I am reminsicing...) and how excited I was. I took my pictures with my phone and tried to document every little detail I could think of. I was so proud of it. Then, I did a small little post. More like a "Look what I did!" kind of post. And then life came along and I got busy.

And then a friend asked me, after observing my crazy pinnings on Pinterest and tumbling on Tumblr,  if I was planning on starting a blog. My response was " I would love to, but...". I had tried my hand at it with not the best results and honestly, that was expected. Blogging can be considered a job. It involves creative processes and marketing. As for me? Initially when I started, my thought process was "oh, I can share my work with others in the vibrant blogging community". That idea was shot down when I realized that there are  more than a MULTITUDE of blogs out there in this infinite space of the internet and to even be a part of a community, well, you kind of have to market. And that was never what I intended to do. It just seemed so difficult and I would rather spend that time on making more jewelry.

So then why am I starting again? Same reason. I would love to be a part of the blogging community. And the first time, I simply gave up. Which is something I don't like doing. If you are going to do something, do your best. Before I decide if blogging is for me, I need to give it an honest chance.

So with further ado: Here is the DIY:

We will be making this lovely piece of jewelry:
You will need:
20 gauge wire
4 crimp beads
4 small seed beads
Something that is around your ring size -- I used a highligher

Start by wrapping your wire around your finger or something that is close to your finger size. In fact, having something a little larger would work just as well. The idea is that these rings will be adjustable, so you can wear them on any finger you choose.
When wrapping, leave about half an inch of excess wire. I left off too much and had to get snip off some of the wire.

Using the pliers, take one end of the wire and make a small loop. Then, add on a crimp bead, a seed bead, one end of the chain, another seed bead, and another crimp bead. Finish the ring, by adding another loop at the end of the wire. I apologize for not having any pictures for this step. All of them looked rather confusing.

At this point, go ahead and secure the beads by pressing on the crimp beads. Then repeat the steps for an identical ring and add the other end of the chain. Mine was about 3 inches long.

The last step is to set the little coils upright so they don't press into your skin. And then,
TADA! You are done!

A rather strange hand pose, I know. It was the best one I took. I desperately need some hand modeling classes and some lotion.


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