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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DIY: Easy Wire Bookmark

I screwed up. In the midst of all of my responsibilities over the years, I neglected the important relationship I had with books and stopped reading. Usually my excuse was that I didn't have time. But, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have rekindled my obsession with books and am happily invested in the joy of reading books.

This, of course, presented a happy little problem with my actual books (yes, you can own actual tangible books). I don't just read one book - I read several which means I need bookmarks.I decided to amp my reading game this weekend and made a few bookmarks.

They are ridiculously easy to make and it took me less than five minutes to make them. Plus, they would be great presents for the book-a-holics in your life.

Let's start!

For this DIY, you will need:

  • Wire (It's preferable to opt for a thicker wire so your bookmark is sturdy)
  • Pliers/Wire Cutters
  • Beading Wire (optional)
  • Crimp bead (optional)
  • Beads and charms (optional)
  • Embroidery thread (optional)
You may have noticed most of the supplies are listed are optional. This is because there are so many options! You can opt to attach a tassel or charm to your bookmark - or just make a simple one with wire!


Cut a piece of wire. Once again, it's completely up to you to decide how long you want the wire to be. For this particular bookmark, I cut out a 12 length piece of wire and used about 6 inches of wire for the spiral. 
To create the spiral at one end, begin by making a loop at one end. Hold the loop with your pliers and wrap the wire around the loop. This is easier to do with thinner wire - if you are using a thicker wire you may need another pair of pliers to help you. 
Create another loop facing the other side at the other end of the wire with your pliers. This is where you will attach your hanging piece.


For this bookmark, I wanted to add a beaded piece to my bookmark. To make this version of the bookmark, cut a small piece of beading wire. String on a spike/coin/end bead and then add your crimp bead. String the end of the beading wire through the spike again. Press on the crimp bead with your pliers to secure. String on the rest of your beads and secure the section onto the bookmark. 


You can also attach a tassel to your bookmark (learn how to make tassel here) or just add a charm. It's up to you! The opportunities are endless

And that's it! 

P.S. (I would love to know what books you guys are reading in the comments below!)

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