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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time and Tintin

Man, doesn't life get busy?  Isn't it amazing how time flies by?

I had every intention to post some of my recent projects, but alas, I could not find the time. I blame my perfectionistic tendencies. In an ideal world, I would write witty and engaging commentary about what I had created. Yeah, that does not work when I decide I want to update my blog in a half-awake stupor.

I am slightly more awake at the moment and I would like to share something I made a while ago when I discovered Modge Podge. It is a wonderful thing, really. It's like glue with superpowers. I digress. I combined my new found love for Modge Podge with my new found interest in The Adventures of Tintin.

The Adventures of Tintin are pretty old and started in 1929, but I can't deny they are a fun read. The concept is similar to Indiana Jones. Our protagonist solves mysteries around the globe against impossible odds and circumstances. Did I mention he has a trusty fox terrier named Snowy? Or his friends, Captain Haddock who is often drunk, sarcastic, and full of colorful curses? Or poor deaf Professor Calculus? Or the clumsy detectives, Thomson and Thompson?

That being said, I decided to Modge Podge some pictures of The Adventures of Tintin onto a blank notebook.

I was very pleased with the result. A quirky little notebook.


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