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Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Spike Necklace

The biggest problem I have with making jewelry is that I get too excited.

What begins as a simple necklace often turns into an extravagant piece of costume jewelry. Which then means I never have the opportunity to wear it. So, for this necklace I remedied the problem by sticking with a limited supply of materials. Sometimes less is more.

And the result is a somewhat edgy necklace that goes with most outfits!

Materials Needed:
  • Pliers
  • Chain
  • 3 Black beads
  • 4 Spike beads (I used two colors)
  • 20 gauge Wire or a headpin
  • Clasp (not pictured)

Begin by cutting out a piece of the wire and then make a loop at the end. Decide on the pattern for your beads and make sure it fits

String on the beads to your piece of wire or headpin and make a loop.

Finish by attaching your chain to both sides.

I would end with a snarky saying but all I have got at the moment is "Voila!"


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