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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Perusals of the Week - 9/27/2014

Perusals of the Week are back! I decided to switch them over to Saturdays - so let's see how that works!

In case you missed it, here is an editorial post from Vogue Japan's October 2014 titled La Canzone del Mare  which showcases gorgeous outfits against the backdrop of the Italian island of Capri and an updated, adult version on how to make those stretchy bracelets!

I haven't read any of Elizabeth Gilbert's books yet ( I have been wanting to do so for ages, but it keeps slipping my mind every time I go to a bookstore), but I do follow her on facebook and she posted the link to this wonderful article by Mark Mason titled 7 strange questions to find your life purpose. It's honest and helpful. Speaking of Elizabeth Gilbert, I would like to share her evergreen TED talk on Your Elusive Creative Genius.

I love tassels and Thanks I Made It posted a great chain tassel necklace!

I recently came across the style blog Macademian Girl and I absolutely adore it. Her outfits are bright and whimsical which is so different from the very chic and minimalist looks I find on many style blogs.

This article on NPR discusses apps and motivation and has some great tips on how to GSD.

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