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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Travel Tip: Invest in Good Shoes

About a week ago, I published a different kind of post titled "Travel Tip: Trust the locals". I wrote it on a whim because I had procrastinated and didn't have anything to post. But since then, I have decided that I liked the post and I liked sharing my travel stories, and for that reason I have decided to continue to write similar posts as a new series on the blog.

 I also think it deserves a proper introduction. I am not your hardened traveler back from trekking Mount Everest, but I love traveling and I have had my share of adventures. I have picked up on the necessities. And I have made mistakes that while stressful at the time, now provide for some good stories. So stick around, for some stories, tips, and maybe some new perspectives.

Now, onward to today's tip of investing in good shoes. Before I start, it is important to understand where I am coming from. For the most part, I am either wearing flip-flops, sandals, or going barefoot. While I love my sandals, they aren't the kind of sturdy shoes one needs when going on a trip.

So when I was packing for a trip to UK, I had a few options - A pair of gray sneakers that were a little old, a brand new pair of Sperry's (boat shoes), and brightly colored running shoes. I opted for the gray sneakers and the  boat shoes thinking that they would not only match my outfits ( I was going to the UK! I wanted to make sure I got some good pictures!) but would provide my feet with adequate support.

I was wrong. I was so wrong. After wearing my gray sneakers for half a day, I was hobbling. I hadn't worn them in awhile so I had forgotten that they weren't just old - they were completely worn down.  The next day, I switched to my Sperry's but the damage was done. My feet were swollen and stayed swollen for the rest of the trip. I took off my shoes when I could, and tried to walk on grass, but many of the sites in the UK are historic and generally frown on non-shoe wearing tourists.

Of course, the saga doesn't end there. In Scotland, I decided to go hiking up a mountain/hill completely forgetting that I was wearing boat shoes with  no traction. I ended up holding everyone's hand on my way down. Did I mention that I also had a fever? That was not a fun experience but the views were worth it.

Invest in good shoes. Invest in proper shoes that give you traction because you never know when everyone decides it's a good idea to go hiking. And if you don't have time to invest in shoes, just take those fluorescent running ones.

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