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Monday, April 13, 2015

NEW Pinterest Board

I know, this is a slightly different post, but in an attempt to make your experience more enjoyable on my blog, I decided to make a new business pinterest board. If you followed me on my other pinterest board, you know that it was a mess. This new one aligns far more with my interests and makes more sense.

I will be updating regularly and expanding, but as of now I have a few different categories:

  • Etsy Catalog - which showcases my Etsy creations
  • DIY Tutorials - has links and pictures to DIYs that I have done or would like to do!
  • Travel and Adventure - is filled with travel tips and guides
  • Writing Advice - Tips and Tricks for Writing and Inspiration
  • Books - Book lists and reviews
  • Create Your Life - Advice and Tips on creating the life you want and finding your life purpose
  • Photography - Photography Tips, Tricks, and Guides
  • Creativity Boost - Tips and Tricks for when you are in a rut
  • Writing Prompts - Pretty Self-explanatory
  • Productivity, Motivation, and Goals - How to GSD

You can follow me on pinterest here or through the sidebar!

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