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Friday, May 9, 2014

Perusals of the Week - 5/9/2014

The next point to address is that I changed the name of these weekly links - the current title makes way more sense. But you can totally check out the other links from last week here.

The last and final point is the severe lack of DIYs on this blog for the last month or so. I haven't stopped - it's just with the semester ending and my computer crashing, I haven't really gotten around to editing pictures. Add in the fact that I really wanted to improve the quality of my pictures. The only problem? The best pictures are taken with natural light - I make stuff in the middle of the night. But, I promise you another DIY coming up next week as well as a new posting schedule!

Now to some more links!

Mother's Day is coming up! What have you gotten/made for her? I am planning on doing this adorable painting from Youtuber Ann Le from Anneorshine. Instead of the Chanel logo, I was thinking of maybe writing in a quote.

I love Vanessa Mooney's stuff, but most of it is just out of my budget. Jonelle from Design Thrift has remedied this problem by posting a Vanessa Mooney inspired Ladder Necklace! Check it out here!

I also really like street art. One of my favorite artists has to be Hueman. Check out her amazing artwork here!

Speaking of photography, here is a wonderful National Geographic post about photographing details.

May the rest of the week treat you guys well!

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